Inside KAM – here's what a SCS chorister reveals …

“It has been something I wanted to do for the longest time, join a growing and learning choir. First experience was in Primary school, thereafter church worship was the only other exposure.
CHAfter consulting everyone’s good friend, Mr Google, I found KAM. Appreciates the quick and warm responses, found myself in the first regular Friday practice within the week in August. The choristers are fun and warm people, one key reason that kept me going despite a little struggle with catching up for the immediate performances in October.
Without any prior music training or knowledge in score reading, it wasn’t a problem as the team has been absolutely helpful and patient, especially our conductors. I have always wanted to learn everything about choral singing and if possible, learn music like scores reading, maybe even play the piano. I have since started to learn things like proper warming up process, the projection of voices, some basic music terminology, the different parts of choral singing and how it will come together.
Looking forward to music filled days with an awesome team.”
Christine Ho


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