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AKS Asian Choral Grand Prix

11 to 14 August 2016 | Kaohsiung 高雄, Taiwan台湾

Participant Overview

There are 3 things that choirs and/or participants of the Asian Choral Grand Prix (ACGP) can sign up for.


To be invited to be part of the Asian Choral Grand Prix (ACGP) is already a significant achievement.
The ACGP offers choirs two performance opportunities at the Kaohsiung Cultural Centre’s Jhih De Hall (seats 1702). Apart from friendly competitions in the day, all choirs of the ACGP will gather to perform at a ticketed performance at night as part of the Asia Kodaly Symposium festivities. The ACGP is open to all non-professional choirs in and outside of Asia.

Category Age Limit Choir Size Programme Duration
A Children’s Choir
(SA[T]B, SSA[A], TTB[B])
6-18 years 16-50 9-12min
B1 Youth Mixed Choir 12-26 years 16-50 9-15min
B2 Youth Equal Voices
(SSA[A] girls, TTB[B] boys)
12-26 years 16-50 9-15min
B3 University Choir All students must be current students of the university at the time of competition. 16-50 9-15min
C1 Adult Mixed Choir 18 years and above 16-50 15-20min
C2 Adult Female Choir 18 years and above 16-50 15-20min
C3 Adult Male Choir 18 years and above 16-50 15-20min



The ACGP being educationally driven, provides choirs with the opportunity to have choral masterclasses with one of judges on the panel to gain insights into how other artists work with choirs and music. Choirs that are interested in having this intensive one-to-one work may sign up via the registration form. Additional workshop fees apply.


The Asia Kodaly Symposium will see a gathering of top-notch panel of conductors, instrumentalists and music educators from around the world share their expertise in workshops on various topics music classroom teaching according to the Kodaly Concept, choral methodology, instrumental music and teaching, music games for children and adults, music technology etc. Delegates will have full access to all AKS proceedings, including its various Gala Concerts as well as performances in the Asian Choral Grand Prix. Participants of the ACGP are highly encouraged to sign up for the highly beneficial AKS at greatly discounted prices.

Date Event
11 August 2016, Thursday Arrival and registration of choirs.
Attendance at Gala Concert (for AKS delegates)
12 August 2016, Friday Kaohsiung Cultural Centre Jhih De Hall 文化中心至德堂 (seats 1702)Whole Day Competitions (1st round)
7:30pm-9:30pm AKS Asian Choral Grand Prix Concert (2nd round)
13 August 2016, Saturday Choral Masterclasses (for choirs that sign up).
AKS workshops (for AKS delegates).
Gala Concert (for AKS delegates).
14 August 2016, Sunday AKS Workshops (for AKS delegates)
Announcement of Results. Short performance by Grand Prix Winner, Prize-Giving Ceremony and mass singing by all choirs and AKS delegates in closing.
15 August 2016 Monday Departure of choirs.

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