Studiorum Series 2019

About the Studiorum Series

The Studiorum Series is an ongoing series of short and relevant music-related studies via masterclasses, workshops, lectures, exchanges and music projects held for the betterment of our Singaporean music community. We aim to meet the ideals of KAMSG, as set out here.

Following the successes of past masterclasses with Mr. Tang Tien Ming (Taiwan, 2014), Dr. Miguel Felipe (USA, 2015), Tommyanto Kandisaputra (Indonesia, 2017), Professor Julian Su (Taiwan, 2017), Jennifer Tham (Singapore, The Choral Studio, 2018) and Albert Tay (Singapore, 2018), we are pleased to invite Mr. Mak Chi Hoe (Malaysia) as our featured speaker for this year’s Studiorum Series 2019: Choral Masterclass.

Choirs that have taken part in past editions of the Choral Masterclasses have been inspired by our invited guest conductors, who work extensively with members to improve their choral technique. Don’t miss out this year and do look forward to a great time with our speakers.