2014 AKS Welcome Message

2014 Asia Kodály Symposium Welcome Message

Dr. Laszlo Norbert Nemes

Director, International Kodaly Institute (Hungary)

Dear Colleagues and Friends,
I am glad to invite you to a highly exciting event, the “Asia Kodaly Symposium (AKS) for Music and Choral Educators” which aims at providing professional musicians including choir leaders, music educators as well as music students and enthusiastic choral singers the opportunity to share the joy of choral music and choral singing with each other. Zoltan Kodaly was one of the most outstanding Hungarian figures in the history of choral music and composed over two hundred outstanding choral works for all types of choirs: children’s, female, male and mixed choirs. He did so, not only because as a composer he had a particular devotion to vocal genres and choral music, but also because he realized that common singing can create a community of singers leading to mutual understanding between people singing together enhances tolerance and harmony.
“Our age of mechanization leads along a road ending with man himself as a machine: only the spirit of singing can save us from this fate.” (Kodaly)
Zoltan Kodaly’s vision of universal music literacy through a well-structured system of music education available to everyone contributed in many outstanding ways to the development of music education and choral singing, extending a far-reaching international influence beyond the borders of Hungary.
We hope that the AKS platform will create wonderful opportunities for all of us to discuss various issues related to excellence in music education and in choral music performance such as the development of the skill of singing, building a fine choral ensemble, choral music education for the young and the amateurs, vocal training, intonation, musicianship training, choice of repertory and many more.
I believe that one of the most exciting and special musical experiences is to perform with an excellent choir. Choral music can bring together people of different ages, races, faiths, people with diverse musical experiences coming from different walks of life regardless of socioeconomic status can create joyful experiences for EVERYONE. Choral singing also gives to its participants an access to the rich treasury of choral art from medieval music to the multi-coloured choral music of our age.
During the symposium you will have the opportunity to listen to several fine choral ensembles which I am sure will greatly inspire all of you as musicians and music lovers.
I hope to be able to greet you personally at the Asia Kodaly Symposium.
Dr. Laszlo Norbert Nemes
Director, International Kodaly Institute (Hungary)

Albert Tay

Director and Founder, Kodaly Academy of Music (Singapore)

Albert Biography pictureDear colleagues and friends,
The Kodaly Concept is an evolving system of learning music, one that is underpinned by timeless philosophies and taught through sophisticated teaching techniques, where one approaches music through singing, movement, improvisation etc.
Such sound, holistic music education is also becoming increasingly valuable. 21st century competencies that are demanded of a global citizen in the face of fast-changing societies and technological advancements implies that having an internal compass has become ever more important, where empowering students learning how to learn and unlearn could very well be the Zeitgeist of the future.
In the face of the myriad challenges of this century, we must answer, or at least attempt to answer some pressing questions: How do we inculcate sound values and build fine character? How can we attract and inspire young children in joyful singing, cooperating with one another and make music as a community? How do we promote critical and inventive thinking? How can we better communicate and learn about cultures that might be vastly different from our own in an increasingly small global village? How do we uplift, instill a thirst for and understanding of great, spiritually nourishing Art in our children as opposed to mindless consumption of mediocre music? How can we empower our students and create self-directed learners?
Quality music and choral education are well placed to address these issues. We are thus very excited to explore potential synergies and the shared challenges and solutions for both music educators and conductors! Asia Kodaly Symposium is organized with these in mind, providing a platform for like-minded musicians, educators and conductors to come together and learn from one another… to network, share ideas, expertise and experience and hopefully, build a better musical future!
We are very glad to host the inaugural Asia Kodaly Symposium for Music and Choral Educators in Jakarta, Indonesia, a land steeped in rich cultures with an amazing choral and vocal tradition. On behalf of all the staff and volunteers of the Kodaly Academy of Music Singapore and our local and international partners, we wish you a fruitful experience at the Asia Kodaly Symposium activities!
Albert Tay
Director/Founder, Kodaly Academy of Music Singapore