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AKS 2018 Programme

AKS 2018 Programme

AKS 2018 Programme

15-18 August 2018
Kaohsiung, Taiwan | 高雄,台灣

We are very pleased to once again, have the kind support from our local partner Natus Cantorum (Taiwan) 天生歌手合唱團 and present this very special edition of the AKS! After receiving so many positive comments and feedback from previous participants, we are very pleased to be providing a special, in-depth exploration of Kodaly-inspired music education through our 3 featured speaker andcollaborate with some of the finest talents and choirs from Taiwan!

  • Joint certificate of participant from the Kodaly Institute of the Liszt Academy of Music (Hungary) and Kodaly Academy of Music (Singapore) for participants who are attending the full symposium
  • 20 hours of fun-filled activity at the AKS
  • 10 hours of in-depth, specialised training in the Kodaly Concept
  • Choose 1 of 3 tracks to specialise in Preschool-lower primary (4-9 years old), primary school (10-12 years old), secondary-university (13 years old and above)
  • Observe our featured speakers give ‘LIVE’ teaching demonstrations and observe how they work with children and youth choirs
  • A buffet of different focus topics by top musicians and educators on Day 4
  • Gala Presentation by 3 of Taiwan’s finest children & youth choral groups led by top local and international conductors

N.B. Our 3 key speakers will providing an in-depth exploration of the Kodaly Concept and there is progression within each track, from one session to the next i.e. there will not be any repeat of materials in Part 1/4 in Part 2/4. While you may be allowed to observe other tracks*, it is highly recommended that participants stick to one track for maximum benefit! Why not come with friends and compare notes!

*subject to space constraints and maximum class size to ensure quality of learning for all participants. Priority will be given on a first-come-first-served basis.


Organised by:

  • Kodaly Academy of Music (Singapore)

Main Partners:

    • International Kodaly Institute (Hungary)
    • Natus Cantorum (Taiwan)

Our supporting partner organisations:

  • National Kaohsiung Normal University 國立高雄師範大學
  • Kaohsiung Children’s Choir (Little Oriole) 高雄市兒童合唱團(小黃鶯)
  • Fu Shan Primary School Choir 福山國小合唱團
  • Taiwan Youth Festival Choir 台灣青年節慶合唱團
  • Formosa Singers 福爾摩沙合唱團

More information coming soon!

Symposium Programme & Topics

N.B. Programme is accurate as of 8 June 2018 and may be subject to change.