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ACGP16 Welcome

ACGP16 Welcome

ACGP16 Welcome

AKS Asian Choral Grand Prix

11-14 August 2016
Kaohsiung, Taiwan | 高雄,台灣

Apart from workshops and presentations, the Asia Kodaly Symposium will also feature for the first time, the Asian Grand Prix for Choral Singing.

The Asian Grand Prix for Choral Singing is a by-audition choral festival where amateur and professional-level choirs come together to compete and perform in a friendly atmosphere. Themed ‘Let the World Rejoice’ (as inspired by Kodaly’s words), the jury will be made up of an international panel and chaired by renowned composer-conductor Ko Matsushita (Japan).

The Asian Grand Prix is more than just a choral competition – it is a platform for choirs to showcase and share their nation’s choral traditions in a friendly and festive atmosphere. Choristers and conductors alike will have the opportunity to attend and be part of the Asia Kodaly Symposium.

Kodaly Academy of Music (Singapore)

Main Partners
International Kodaly Institute of the Liszt Academy of Music (Hungary)
Natus Cantorum (Taiwan)

Venue Partners
National Kaohsiung Normal University Ho-Ping Campus 國立高雄師範大學
The Affiliated Senior High School of National Kaohsiung Normal University國立高雄師範大學附屬高級中學
Kaohsiung Cultural Centre Jhih De Hall 文化中心至德堂 (seats 1702)/Jhih Shan Hall 文化中心至善廳 (seats 483)

Supporting Partners
Bureau of Cultural Affairs, Kaohsiung City Government 高雄市政府文化局
Taiwan Kodaly Society 台灣柯大宜音樂教育學會
Formosa Singers 福爾摩沙合唱團
Taipei Male Singers 拉縴人歌手
Tokyo Ladies’ Consort “SAYAKA”

AKS Choral Grand Prix Mission

  • To provide an international, festive platform for the world’s best performers, choirs and conductors.
  • To explore and build cultural bridges and better understanding between different cultures, languages and choral traditions through music.

AKS Grand Prix Jury
A panel of choral experts supervises the competition. The panel will also award the prizes in cooperation with the jury chairman. They include the following:

  1. Maestro Ko Matsushita (Japan) Jury Chairman
  2. Professor habil. Laszlo Norbert Nemes (Hungary)
  3. Professor Frank Abrahams (USA)
  4. Susanna Saw (Malaysia)
  5. Albert Tay (Singapore)
  6. Tang Tien Ming (Taiwan)

Revised as of 25 May 2016.
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