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AKS 2014 Jakarta

AKS 2014 Jakarta

AKS 2014 Jakarta

Asia Kodaly Symposium For Music and Choral Educators 2014

(7 – 9 November 2014, Jakarta, Indonesia)

The Kodaly Academy of Music (Singapore) is privileged to be in collaboration with the International Kodaly Institute (Hungary) of the Liszt Academy of Music for its activities, the first of which is the inaugural 2014 Asia Kodaly Symposium (AKS) for Music and Choral Educators held in Jakarta, Indonesia. Delegates will receive a certificate jointly issued by the International Kodaly Institute (Hungary) and the Kodaly Academy of Music Singapore for participation in the AKS. More information can be found below, or if you have decided, just click on the “Register Here!” tab below!


  • To inspire, promote and bring about better understanding of the arts and culture to the masses through the Kodaly Concept.
  • To provide an international platform that celebrates the diversity of arts and culture.
  • To provide opportunities for learning, understanding and collaboration between composers, artistes and sponsors in spearheading and pioneering Arts in a sustainable manner.