AKS 2016 Venues

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11-14 August 2016
Kaohsiung, Taiwan | 高雄,台灣

Both venues are convenient located across the street from each other and are accessible via subway.

Registration and Symposium Venue

National Kaohsiung Normal University Ho-Ping Campus

高雄市苓雅區和平一路116號 (學生活動中心)

Student Activities Centre
No. 116, Heping 1st Rd
Lingya District
Kaohsiung City, Taiwan 802

Registration Desk will be on the 2nd floor (“Subway” Sandwich is on the first floor).

11 August 2016 (Thursday)

Performance & Competition Venue

Kaohsiung Cultural Centre

No. 67, Wufu 1st Rd
Lingya District
Kaohsiung City, Taiwan 802


Traveling by Subway

Nearest Station: 07 Cultural Centre (Orange Line)

Please click on the link for detailed station information.[/vc_column_text][tm_spacer size=”xs:20;sm:20;md:20;lg:20″][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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