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AKS 2018 Programme

AKS 2018 Featured Artist: Fu-Shan Elementary School Choir

AKS 2018 Featured Artist: Fu-Shan Elementary School Choir

15-18 August 2018
Kaohsiung, Taiwan | 高雄,台灣


Fu-Shan Elementary School Choir was first established in 1993, with the following mission and vision:

  • To guide children in experiencing the beauty of music through the natural sound of voice.
  • To guide students through chorus and teaching them to recognize the rich repertoire and expand their aesthetic and performance experience in order to enhance their artistic appreciation.
  • Combining learning with music and performances, to lead children to express their own feelings through the arts, and deepen their understanding of the cultures of various countries, and also cultivate the spirit of cooperation.
  • To be heard through the entire Fu-Shan campus and lead the children out of the campus to vocalize.

Since 1994, the choir has participated in various music competitions in Kaohsiung City, often claiming the top three places in a wide range of categories, including junior, elementary and secondary levels. The choir has also been invited on many occasions to perform for major events, such as the 2004 Cultural Exchange event With Love, Within Love with China, having choral cultural exchanges with Kuwana City, Japan in 2006, and being selected as the demonstration team for the Children’s Choir during the 2018 Asian Daytona International Symposium.