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AKS 2018 Programme

AKS 2018 Featured Speaker: Dr. Thomas Holm (United States)

AKS 2018 Featured Speaker: Dr. Thomas Holm (United States)

15-18 August 2018
Kaohsiung, Taiwan | 高雄,台灣

Topics by Dr. Thomas Holm @ AKS 2018

  • Choral Sound-Building Techniques


Dr. Thomas Holm has been on the music faculty at Northwestern College since 2000, currently serving as Music Department Chair and coordinator of the choral and vocal programs. He teaches a wide variety of courses, including Music History, Conducting, Vocal Diction, Exploring Music, among others, and finds great joy in working with singers of all ability levels in building choral ensembles. His graduate degrees include a Master of Music Education from the University of Idaho, a Master of Choral Conducting from the University of Alberta, and a Doctor of Music Arts Degree in Choral Literature from the University of Illinois. Prior to teaching at Northwestern College, Dr. Holm taught at Prairie Bible College and The Kings College University in Edmonton, Alberta.

Dr. Holm directs the A cappella Choir and The Heritage Singers Chamber choir, both of Northwestern College, as well as the Sioux County Oratorio Chorus in its regular performances of major choral-orchestral works. His choral journey was greatly enriched by spending a teaching/research sabbatical year in Taiwan in 2016-17, and is currently engaged in promoting, publishing, and performing some of the beautiful choral pieces from that country.