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AKS 2018 Programme

AKS 2018 Featured Speaker: Professor Rita Cheng (Taiwan)

AKS 2018 Featured Speaker: Professor Rita Cheng (Taiwan)

15-18 August 2018
Kaohsiung, Taiwan | 高雄,台灣

Topics by Professor Rita Cheng @ AKS 2018

  • When Suzuki Met Kodaly: Hearing-Oriented Strategy for Teaching Young Piano Beginners


鄭方靖教授現為國立台南大學藝術學院音樂系之專任教授,也是該學院《藝術研究學報》的編輯委員之一;另亦是現任台灣教育部藝術與人文中央輔導團指導委員、也參與目前正在進行的12年國教跨領域美感課程實驗課程計畫。鄭教授畢業於美國Holy Names大學,專攻柯大宜音樂教學法,返台後創立台灣柯大宜音樂教育學會並任第一屆理事長,目前尚任常務理事,在柯大宜音樂教育領域廣受肯定。1990至今共累積的研究結果有超過25冊專書與教材,發表過近50篇論文;曾4度得國科會獎助,亦在2007年榮獲教育部師培典範獎。目前鄭教授依然一本初衷活躍並致力於音樂教育。

Rita Fung-Ching Cheng is a professor of Music in the Department of Performing and Visual Arts School of National University of Tainan (NUTN) in Taiwan, and also one of the Executive Editors of the Journal of Performing and Visual Arts Studies for NUTN. She is also one of the supervisors for the national advisory group of Art and Humanities, and is currently participating in the Ministry Department experiment curriculum project of 12-year cross-disciplinary aesthetic education. She gained her master degree with Kodaly emphasis at Holy Names University in the USA.

Professor Cheng is widely known as a Kodaly Method specialist and author throughout Taiwan. She has published more than 25 books and textbooks, and presented almost 50 articles and theses since 1990. Prof. Cheng was also one of the founders and first chief of the Taiwan Kodaly Society, andcurrently remains one of the board members. Since 1994, she has been granted the Research Award of National Science Council 4 times, and in 2007 won a prize of Teacher Training Paragon Award from the Ministry Department of Taiwan government. She continues to devote herself to benefiting Taiwanese native music education.