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Studiorum Series 2019

Virtual Studiorum Series 1

Virtual Studiorum Series 1

Virtual Studiorum Series 1

21 May 2020, 8pm (GMT +8)

COVID-19 Solutions For Music Rehearsals And Classroom
Kodály Academy of Music Singapore is proud to present its first-ever virtual Studiorum series. The panelists will be speaking about the impact of COVID-19 on music education and tips on what educators and conductors can do to combat the new norm


Adrian TAN Music Director, Braddell Heights Symphony Orchestra
Adrian has been the Music Director for the Singapore Wind Symphony and the Braddell Heights Symphony Orchestra since 2012. As a renowned composer, Adrian has also been recognised for his leadership, innovative programming, new music advocacy and community outreach initiatives. Adrian has made numerous international appearances as a conductor along with some of the world’s best orchestras including The Bridges Collective from Australia, KLM Orchestra from The Netherlands and the Vietnam National Symphony Orchestra, just to name a few.

Amy RYAN Chairperson, Kodály Society of Ireland
Amy Ryan is the Chairperson of the Kodály Society of Ireland and is also a conductor, educator and performer. Based out of Dublin, Ireland, Amy lectures in Music at the Trinity College of Dublin and the Royal Irish Academy of Music. As one of Ireland’s foremost choral conductors, Amy also founded the Cuore Chamber Choir in 2014 and led them to win numerous major choral competitions in the country.

YONG Chee Foon President,Choral Directors’ Association (Singapore)
Yong Chee Foon is the President of the Choral Directors’ Association (Singapore). A pianist by training, his passion for choral music developed when he first joined the Victoria Junior College Choir and the Victoria Chorale. At present, Chee Foon is the conductor for several award-winning choirs in Singapore, some of which have achieved several Gold and Gold with Honours awards.

Albert TAY Director, Kodaly Academy of Music (Singapore)
Composer-conductor Albert Tay is an internationally renowned musician, educator and adjudicator. Apart from guest conducting, he delivers keynote lectures and professional development courses for musicians and educators, and provides workshops for choral and instrumental ensembles. His work has taken him to numerous cities in Croatia, Indonesia, Hungary, Singapore, South Korea, Taiwan, the UK and the USA on invitation by award-winning choirs as well as various national institutions, associations or foundations for choirs and/or education.

Dániel MOLNÁR Founder,
Dániel Molnár graduated as a history teacher from University Eötvös Loránd, but soon turned to purusing his childhood passion in musical theatre. In 2017, He completed his PhD, where he deeply analysed the 20th Century Central European musical theater.  At present, Dániel works as a curator and stage director in Berlin and is also responsible for the visuals and brand identify of Musicators.

Dániel BALI Founder,
Dániel Bali graduated from the Liszt Academy of Music as music teacher in 2016. He wrote his master’s thesis about new media in music education. In the same year he was invited to conduct a workshop about digital music education at the Kodály Institute of Liszt Academy. Programming was always his hobby and by combining the two he created Musicators, an online platform for music teachers, to help them better integrate the music education with digital device. Dániel Bali is also a member of the New Liszt Ferenc Chamber Choir in Budapest, where he lives.