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4th Asia Kodaly Symposium 2020 – A Resounding Success!

4th Asia Kodaly Symposium 2020 – A Resounding Success!

With more than 20 international speakers and over 30 hours of content, the 4th edition of the Asia Kodaly Symposium (AKS) was the first of its kind, virtually bringing together world-class music professionals and educators in a spirit of collaboration.

Exercising corporate social responsibility, the kind support of our patrons and sponsors went towards heavily subsidising tickets for the AKS. Tickets were a fraction of its original prices, benefitting the masses and especially professional musicians who were hit hardest by the pandemic.

True to our mission, “To inspire, promote and bring about better understanding of arts and culture to the masses through the Kodály Concept”, we are thrilled that the AKS was able to connect participants from over 20 territories.