AKS 2016 Featured Clinician: Professor Laszlo Norbert Nemes (Hungary)

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Topics by Professor Laszlo Norbert Nemes @ AKS 2016

Professor Laszlo is the Chairman of the symposium and will also be a member of the Jury for the AKS Asian Choral Grand Prix.

Workshop Abstract

Choral Methodology Workshop

This workshop offers participants an insight into choral pedagogy through a series of activities including singing, dancing and musical games. The following topics will be addressed in greater detail: the choral audition, the first rehearsal, the various functions of the choral warm-up, the choral sound, development of polyphonic skills in the rehearsal, score study and score preparation. Teaching techniques will be discussed based on well-selected repertory suitable for choirs of different ability levels (SAB, SATB, SSA material). The workshop will also attempt to give guidance to choir educators on how to develop choristers’ awareness in stylistically adequate performance and how to choose repertory accordingly. Laszlo Norbert Nemes has worked with choral ensembles all over the world and has a vast experience in working with both children and adult choirs, both amateur and professional singers.


這個工作坊將讓學員通過一系列的活動其中包括合唱,跳舞和音樂遊戲來探討合唱教學法。我們將會深入探討以下的課題: 合唱團的試音,首次的彩排,練唱前暖身的各種作用,合唱團的音質,彩排時的複調技巧,如何分析和準備樂譜。我們將會使用適合各種能力的合唱團演唱的合唱曲來討論教學技巧 。這個工作坊也將會試圖為合唱教育者提供如何培養合唱團員對高質表演形式的意識以及如何選擇適合表演形式的曲子。



Laszlo Norbert foto schiller kata 029Dr. habil. Laszlo Norbert Nemes, professor of the Liszt Ferenc Academy of Music in Budapest and director of the International Kodaly Institute of the Liszt Academy holds a doctoral degree in choral conducting and a habilitation certification from the Liszt Academy of Music.

At the Liszt Academy and the Kodaly Institute Dr. Nemes lectures in Kodaly’s educational philosophy, teaching methods, solfege, music theory, and conducts the choral ensemble formed from students of the Kodaly Institute.

Since September 2014 he has been conductor and artistic director of the New Liszt Ferenc Chamber Choir of the Liszt Academy, founded and conducted by his former professor Peter Erdei. For twelve years Dr. Nemes worked as the Associate Conductor of the Hungarian Radio Children’s Choir. In recognition of his artistic activity with the choir, he received the Bartok-Pasztory Award in 2005.

As a music pedagogue and conductor, Dr. Nemes has held workshops, master classes and seminars in Australia, Brazil, Canada, the People’s Republic of China, Finland, Greece, Indonesia, Ireland, Italy, Japan, the Korean Republic, The Netherlands, The Philippines, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Singapore, Switzerland, the United Kingdom and the United States of America several times. Since 2012 he has been guest professor and academic consultant at the Central Conservatory of Music in Beijing.

His recent scholarly activities include research focusing on the development of new methodological tools in the interest of the effectiveness and the quality of 21st-century school music education.

Laszlo Norbert Nemes is Vice President of the International Kodaly Society.

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