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Programme Synopsis

In Taiwan, most of the piano teachers are used to score-reading oriented teaching strategy , and the teaching materials commonly used are Beyer’s instruction books, which have been popular here for the past century ; the author edited the contents and processes based on beginners’ development of abilities to read scores (Kuo, 2014). Lately, American piano teaching materials have been introduced into Taiwan; those books feature using children’s songs massively. The children’s songs are surely familiar to American children, which takes advantage of “familiar to the ear” in order to learn new skills; it is the basis for hearing-oriented teaching. However, those American piano teaching materials are used as the score-reading oriented ones. Accordingly, the researcher has been using the Suzuki method, the Kodak method and the Gordon method, which emphasize hearing first for music learning, to teach children the piano. For the past 20 years, the researcher has conducted a study for observation and records of children, aged four to eight.