Choral Exchange between Dunman High School and Taipei Municipal Jinhua Junior High School Choir


It was a great choral exchange session between Dunman High School (DHS) Choir and Taipei Municipal Jinhua Junior High School 金華國中. Held on 08 July 2019, KAM director Albert Tay facilitated the session, demonstrating Kodaly-inspired preparatory warmups and pedagogical approaches to rehearsing a new choral work.

Apart from learning Albert’s Dona Nobis Pacem together, the two choirs performed for each other. Jinhua Choir performed choral works in English, Hakka and Mandarin, while DHS performed Renaissance and Chinese pop music in return. Both teachers and students alike gained a memorable performance experience and valuable knowledge by listening and learning from each other, a true cultural exchange through music-making. The session ended by exchanging of gifts between students and teachers. It was indeed a fruitful and successful event!


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