International Kodály Certificate Programme 2024

Launched by the Kodály Intézet (Hungary), the cradle of the Kodály-concept, in partnership with the Kodály Academy of Music (Singapore), we are pleased to announce that the International Kodály Certificate Programme (IKC) is slated to be held in Singapore in 2024!

Initiated and established by the Kodály Institute of the Liszt Academy of Music in 2022, the International Kodály Musicianship Certificate Programme is a comprehensive study and certification programme in Musicianship combined with an optional extra module in Teaching Methodology (Pedagogy). 

The first in Asia and Singapore, the IKC aims to provide a diverse certification and training programme for music teachers and musicians alike. The programme has six consecutive stages from absolute beginner in Kodály-based musicianship training to advanced level, divided into IKC Musicianship Programme General Level (Stage 1-3) and IKC Musicianship Programme Advanced Level (Stage 4-6 or Advanced Level 1-3). The Teaching Methodology Programme is attached to Stage 3.

Upon completion of Stage 3 Musicianship ONLY, this qualification entitles the holders to refer to themselves as a Kodály-trained Musician. Completing Stage 3 Musicianship & Pedagogy entitles the holders to refer to themselves as a Kodály Teacher.

Each stage consists of:

  • two times one-week intensive booster course at the beginning of each stage
  • remote tutorials for 20 weeks (2 rounds of 10 weeks, 2h per week)
  • end-of-stage exam workshop

Intensive booster course (Singapore)

2024 (tbc.)

More details coming your way soon! For more information on the course, visit the IKC website