International Music Education


The biennial Asia Kodaly Symposium (AKS) is an international education symposium held in different countries/territories since 2012.


The annual Studiorum Series covers local music masterclasses, lectures, projects for music professionals, choirs etc. held for the betterment of our local and regional music community.

We aim to provide and facilitate cutting edge music, art and pedagogy to artists, music educators and students in pursuit of continuing education and life-long learning.

2024Choral MasterclassesChen Anyu (Kaohsiung)
2023Practice MethodologyDr László Stachó (Hungary)
Choreography WorkshopDr. Danny Tan (Singapore)
Choral MasterclassesProf. Thomas Holm (USA)
Choral MasterclassesSonia Nadya Simanjuntak (Indonesia)
2022Accuracy and ArtistryDr. John Hooper (Canada)
2020Studiorum Series ONLINE (3-part series)Amy Ryan (Ireland), Yong Chee Foon (SG),
Adrian Tan (SG), Dionne Lim (SG), Mike Chiang (SG), Prof Cameron LaBarr (USA),
Susan LaBarr (USA), Dr. Hoh Chung Shih (SG),
Lee Jin Jun (SG), Albert Tay (SG), Reuben Lai (SG)
Choral Theatre with TJ TaylorTJ Taylor (UK-Singapore)
Voice Masterclass with Reuben LaiReuben Lai (Singapore)
2019Conducting 101
Rehearsal Technique 101
Albert Tay (Singapore)
Choral MasterclassesMak Chi Hoe (Malaysia)
21st Century Competencies Through Choral SingingMak Chi Hoe (Malaysia)
Albert Tay (Singapore)
2018Choral MasterclassesJennifer Tham (Singapore)
Choral Masterclass for Bowen Secondary SchoolAlbert Tay (Singapore)
Corporate Team Building for J Safra SarasinBethan Clarke (Hong Kong)
Albert Tay (Singapore)
Pauline Lee (Singapore)
Khew Yun Zhen (Singapore)
2017Conductors’ Masterclass with Formosa Singers & Schola Cantorum SingaporeProfessor Julian Su (Taiwan)
Taiwanese Choral MusicProfessor Julian Su (Taiwan)
Indonesian Choral RepertoireTommyanto Kandisaputra (Indonesia)
2016Conducting 101 Long Term CourseAlbert Tay (Singapore)
Chong Wai Lun (Malaysia)
2015Choral MasterclassesDr Miguel Felipe (USA)
2014Score Interpretation for ConductorsTang Tien Ming (Taiwan)