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Programme Synopsis

Move mi Music is an application based on the Kodály Concept and the Hungarian musical education practice. This application is to find effective ways to develop young children’s musical skills in the field of musical writing, reading and part-singing in a joyful, gamified way. The music pedagogical tools used by the application are the ones most commonly connected with the practice of Kodály-based music education. The different tasks have been in used in Hungarian music lessons ever since the Kodály-Ádám Singing Books were published in Hungary for the first time. Teachers can use it to help the students learn musical reading and writing. The programme is child centred and helps do experience based lessons. At present, it’s mainly targeted at primary school pupils. The alpha generation can feel themselves at home using the application; its colours, shapes, and mascots are of the highest artistic quality. The main mascot is Theodor the anteater, who deftly sniffs up notes from the screen and, from the grumbling-puffing animal, becomes a sweetly singing creature. Grumbling children can easily identify with him; his presence helps transform singing together with the class into a great, genuine experience. Kodály’s first and foremost goal was to make children like singing and to pass on the love for music. The programme is a framework which a teacher can use to prepare gamified exercises for the class and for homework.

By using an in-built music editor one can create exercises for the following skills and areas:

– rhythm,
– melodic ear training,
– inner hearing training,
– notation,
– sense of tempo,
– keeping the tempo,
– musical memory,
– musical coordination,
– polyphony,
– learning relative solmization,
– focussing on the relations between notes.