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Prof. Rita Cheng

Fung-Ching Cheng is a professor of Music Department of Performing
and Visual Arts School of National University of Tainan in Taiwan. And
also one of the Executive editors of JAURNAL OF PERFORMING AND
VISUAL ARTS STUDIES for NUTN. Also one of the supervisors of
national advisory group of ART & HUMANITY, and participating in the
Ministry Department experiment curriculum project of 12-YEAR
master degree with Kodaly emphasis at Holy Names University in USA.
Cheng is widely known as a Kodaly Method specialist and author
throughout Taiwan. She has published more than 25 books and textbooks,
and presented almost 50 articles and thesis since 1990.

Prof. Cheng was also one of the founders and first chief of Taiwan
Kodaly Society, and now is one of the board members still. Since 1994
she has granted Research Award of National Science Council 4 times, and
in 2007 won a prize of Teacher Training Paragon Award of Ministry
Department of Taiwanese government. Now she is still devoted herself to
benefiting Taiwanese native music education.

During 2009 Autum-2010 Spring Prof. Cheng traveled to USA as a
visiting scholar of Stanford University and Hartford University. The
purpose for this visit was for collecting more information regarding
how the brain works on human music activities.

From 2012 to 2014, for responding the Convention for the Safeguarding
of the Intangible Cultural Heritage promoted by UNESCO in 2003,
Taijiang National Park Services launched a research and a documentary
shooting project regarding the fry-counting tunes culture of the Taijiang
Inner Sea area. And Prof. Cheng was entrusted to conduct this national

Cheng is a Christian of Presbyterian Church in Taiwan, which was first
built up by Scotland missionaries from 1865. Cheng is interested in how
Scotland missionaries introduce modern western music education to
Taiwan, especially the solfa system, and is planning to research this
subject more deeply. For this reason, she visits Singapore as a visiting
scholar of the National Institute of Education Visual and Performing Arts
in 2019 Summer to collect more reference and relative data.
As to piano teaching, Cheng is an experienced piano teacher, especially for
young beginners. From observing and researching young children’s piano
learning development, she builds up her own remarkable pedagogical
strategies rooted in the Kodaly method, Suzuki and Gordon approach. Now
she still enjoys learning from kids and wishes to share her findings with
more teachers for bringing more benefits to children.