Aida Swenson

Aida Swenson

As one of the most highly regarded choral conductors in Indonesia, Aida Swenson is one of Indonesia's strongest forces of choral music development. As founder and conductor of the Indonesian Children and Youth Choirs Cordana, under her direction, the choirs have gathered international recognitions and awards, and have performed in major cities in the United States, Germany, Poland, Japan, Philippines, Singapore, Denmark, France, Canada and other Asian countries.

As a graduate of the Westminster Choir College, USA, Aida received her degree with a scholarship from the World Council of Churches.

A sought after clinician, Aida conducts numerous workshops nationally and internationally and adjudicates frequent national and international events. Her recent activities as a juror, among others include: World Choir Games 2004- to present, choir competitions in Germany, China, Austria, Korea, Vietnam, Japan, Philippine, Singapore, Malaysia, Italy, Johannes Brahms Choir Competition in Wernigerode, Germany , in Hungary, USA and recently in Reno, Nevada, May 2011, the International Children and Youth choir competition in Hongkong, July 2011, World Choir Games Cincinnati USA, July 2012, The Xinghai Prize International Choir Competition, Nopember 2012, European Choir Games di Graz, Austria July 2013, Sing'n'Joy Louisville, KY, USA, 2013 and the 8thWorld Choir Games di Riga, Latvia 2014.

Aida has spent many years traveling throughout Indonesia creating and leading choirs in provinces, giving masters classes, and training choral conductors. However, her professional endeavors are largely but not limited to her choral clinician activities. Her professional activities extend as Chairman of the Foundation for the Development of Choral Music in Indonesia, a member of the Board of Advisors in the Institute of Church Music.

Aida Swenson is also the Executive Director of the Nusantara Symphony Orchestra; the most internationally recognized Indonesian orchestra chaired by Dr. Miranda S. Goeltom.

Aida is featured in the "World Who is Who in Choral Music" and is a representative of Indonesia for the Council Member of the World Choir Game-Interkultur, Germany.

Aida's personal commitment to her musical endeavors in Indonesia is not only centered on her vision in furthering the quality of children's choral development. Aida is a pillar of change, of progression, and of energy to achieve unassailable quality in choral music in Indonesia and internationally.