Natus Cantorum 天生歌手合唱團

Natus Cantorum 天生歌手合唱團 (Taiwan)

Natus Cantorum Picture

Founded in 2010 by like-minded and experienced singers who are passionate about choral singing, Natus Cantorum's Latin name is a spur for its members to embrace change and innovation in a never-ending, passionate pursuit of learning. The choir explores highly artistic and difficult repertoire, spanning Renaissance and Baroque music to the music of the 21st century with a special focus on the works of Taiwanese composers. In seeking fresh inspiration and exploring different facets of choral art, Natus Cantorum has worked with several renowned conductors and composers such as Ching-Ming Lu, Tien-Ming Tang, Edgar Macapili, Victor Shen, Mei-Chun Cheng and Chun-Yen Chang, all of whom has commended Natus Cantorum for its excellent choral performances.

Natus Cantorum was the national champion in the mixed choir category for the Taiwan Culture Choral Competition organized by the Ministry of Culture in 2011 and was placed in the top three in 2012 for their male choir entry. Apart from leaving a trail of performances in every corner of Taiwan, Natus Cantorum has also toured Japan on invitation, representing Taiwan as a prominent new voice on its mission of cultural exchange.

Natus Cantorum is conducted by Tang Tien Ming.