Sonia Nadya Simanjuntak

Sonia Nadya Simanjuntak

Sonja Simanjuntak

Sonia started her music education in Yayasan Pendidikan Musik and Terpsichore School of Ballet, Jakarta. In 1992, she joined Indonesian Children and Youth Choir, under the direction of Aida Swenson Simanjuntak. These experiences led her to become an Assistant to Music Director, Sonia has been a vocal trainer, Choreographer and Soloist in many concerts, locally and internationally. She has actively participated in many Choral Workshops with several International Speakers. She studied with Nancy Telfer and Jing Ling Tam for vocal pedagogy, with Prof. Dr. William Lock for voice and choral building, and also with Fernando Malvaruiz (American Boys Choir Conductor) and David Hughes for conducting.

In 2006, she was awarded a Scholarship from HSBC-Jakarta, to expand her musical knowledge. Sonia then studied at University of Oregon, Eugene-USA, majoring Vocal and Dance. She studied vocal with Dr. Sharon Paul (San Fransisco Girls Choir), Laura Wayte-Soprano, Megan Sand and Cedric Weary. She was selected to perform with Eugene Symphony Orchestra, under the direction of Giancarlo Guerrero. In dance area, she studied with Walter Kennedy (Julliard, New York), Prof. Jennifer Craig, Rita Honka and Marco Davis.

Since 2009 Sonia has been the conductor of Cantate Domino Choir and Pangudi Luhur Youth Choir, Jakarta. Sonia is also a member of Lembaga Pengembangan Paduan Suara Nasional (LPPN), a foundation for developing choirs in Indonesia. In 2012, she was selected as a cultural representative by Ministry of Culture and Tourism with several member of Indonesian Youth Choir-Cordana to perform in East Europe. With Indonesian Youth Choir-Cordana, Sonia has performed in many International Choir Events, such as World Symposium Choral Music in Copenhagen, Incheon Choral Festival, Musica Sacra in German and Argentina, Polyfollia in France, Festival 500 in Canada and European Choir Games-Festival Project in Graz. Her vision and mission for enabling creativity Indonesian choir performances has achieved good recognition and has brought her to become respected by other Indonesian choir practitioner.