State University of Manado Students Choir (PSM UNIMA)


State University of Manado Students Choir (PSM UNIMA)


The State University of Manado Students Choir (PSM UNIMA) or affectionately known as the Unima Choir, was officially recognised on 14 April 2011 in Tondano North Sulawesi as one of the university's student extracurricular activities.

Formed at the initiatives of several students and led by Dr. Perry Rumengan till 2005,Mr. Tommyanto Kandisaputrahas since spearheaded the development of PSM UNIMA. PSM UNIMA has participated in many workshops led by international experts such as Prof. Andre de Quadros (India/USA), Dr. Miguel Felipe (USA), Charlotte Lundell (Sweden), Thomas Caplin (Norway), Lars Ake Levin (Sweden), Jennifer Tham (Singapore) and Jean Baptiste (France).

PSM UNIMA's participation in various choral competitions has seen them consistently winning top prizes and gold medals at the national and international level. They are also actively participating in educational and collaborative choral events as well, ranging from choral seminars, workshops, symposiums and as well as collaborative performances with various choirs. The choir's broad range of classical choral repertoire spans from the renaissance masters to music of living composers – choral luminaries such as Daud Kosasih, Ivan Yohan, Robert Delgado, John Pamintuan, as well as members of the choir have written pieces exclusively for PSM UNIMA. The choir is focused on the singing of gospel, spirituals, pop, jazz and folklore where they sing and perform with choreography and traditional dance.

When not singing in concerts or competitions, PSM UNIMA can be found singing in churches and official ceremonies in the University.