The Indonesia Children and Youth Choir – Cordana


The Indonesia Children and Youth Choir – Cordana

The Indonesia Children and Youth Choir - Cordana

Founded by Aida Swenson in 1992

It is endless pursuit to capture in words what the Indonesian Children and Youth-Cordana Choir have achieved since their first years of formation. While loyal to their traditionalist foundation, they have taken a contemporary leap into the experimental, giving new sound to what would have otherwise been collecting dust in the backdrop of Indonesian music. With colorful displays, titillating voice, and an untamed appetite for traditional choreography, the Indonesian Children and Youth Choir truly captures the fire of cultural expression.

Respected throughout Indonesia as the leader of children and youth choir, the choir serves to be in the most humble sense, an eye opener to all. While retaining their cultural heritage which makes them unique, they provide their audience the access to tap into the richness and diversity of Indonesian culture. Their performances have reached international exposure, heightened primarily by their continuous participation in international competitions and festivals worldwide. As if to complement their classical origin, the Youth Choir-Cordana perform regularly with the Nusantara Symphony Orchestra, under such conductors Hikotaro Yazaki (France), Gabor Hollerung (Hungary), and Edward Van Ness (U.S.A). They have performed major choral works such as: J.S. Bach's "Christmas Oratorio", Leonard Bernstein's "Chichester Psalms", "African Sanctus", Ludwig van Beethoven's "Symphony No.9", G.Verdi "Requiem", Francis Poulenc's "Gloria", Arthur Honegger's "Une Cantate de Noel", Joseph Haydn "Nelson-Mass" and "The Creation", G.F Handel "Messiah".

Among its collection of international awards, the Choir has received awards from such countries as the United States of America, Canada, Germany, Poland, Japan, Korea, Holland, France, Philippines, Singapore, Denmark, Austria, Argentina, Serbia, Bulgaria, Romania and other countries.

In addition to these awards the choir was invited to perform in the Golden Gate Festival at the Symphony Hall in San Francisco in 1997, the IFCM Asia-Pacific Choral Symposium in Singapore in 2001, the prestigious American Choral Directors Association National Convention (ACDA) in Miami-2007, the 8thWorld Symposium of Choral Music in Copenhagen in 2008 and in Incheon International Choir Festival, Korea in 2009. In May 2010 in Musica Sacra International-Marktoberdorf and in October 2010 in the World Show Case Polyfollia, France and in 2011 at Festival 500, New foundland, Canada and in Washington DC at Strathmore Concert Hall , in Princeton and New York City. In 2012, the choir was invited to perform in Musica Sacra-San Juan,Argentina. In 2013 to perform G.Verdi's "Requiem" in Graz, Austria and In 2014, the choir is invited to perform in Lincoln Center, New York City. In 2015, the choir will perform in Taipei International Choral Festival and in Toronto, Canada.

While the pivotal mission of the Indonesian Children and Youth Choir is to maintain and continuously achieve high quality vocal production, their underlying mission is to preserve the multi-faceted culture and musical traditions of Indonesia. The overwhelming customs and traditions of Indonesia is embodied through the voice and dance of the Indonesian Children and Youth Choir. It is through the Choir's continuous search attempt to revitalize traditional music in Indonesia that has stationed them at the forefront of presenting the heart of Indonesia to the eyes and ears of the world.